Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information about Hilton UK and Euro Giftcards

Using the Hilton UK and Euro Giftcard outside of the UK

The UK and Euro Giftcard can be used for transactions globally, but with daily fluctuating exchange rates, the value of a GBP and Euro Giftcard in a foreign currency will vary.

If you would like to use your Gift Card in currency other than GBP or EUR you are advised to find out the approximate exchange rate of that day, in order to advise our hotel receptionists of the approximate value of the card, as our reception teams have no way of checking the value of the card in a non-£ GBP currency. This can be done using the following website as a guideline:

Note – these valuations are approximate and some international transactions may incur a small card processing fee of between 1%– 5% which will need to be accounted for within the amount debited from the Giftcard.